Vino Rosato Anin

Wine-making and ageing: The pressed and bereft of stalks grapes are pumped in the thermo-conditioned tanks made of stainless steel. After about 48 hours starts the alcoholic fermentation and with the produced carbon dioxide, the liquid part is separated naturally from the marcs, obtaining in this way a must with a characteristic rose cerasuolo colour typical of this product.
At this point, the alcoholic fermentation is monitored like in a typical working of the white wines, with low temperatures (18°-20°) and protracted for about 30 days.
The wine obtained in this way continues with an ageing in steel tanks for about 8-10 months before being bottled.

Curiosity: This particular rosé, being produced from grapes, has a polyphenolic profile that confers on it a marked peculiarity of being conserved for a long time.


On view: brilliant rose cerasuolo with orange reflections (cerasuolo presents tones of colour similar to those of certain cherry varieties)
Nose: fresh and fruity, with scents of rose grapefruit, orange flowers and exotic fruits.
Palate: in the mouth it results elegant and balanced with a good tannic structure, long at the end, wraps up in a sensation of pleasant softness.

It's advisable to drink it at 8° -10° C temperature.

Gastronomic combinations: Excellent as aperitif, it matches well also with antipasti, frittate (frittata is an egg-based Italian dish similar to an omelette), aged cold cuts, dishes based on white noble meats and if one wants also with dishes of well flavored fish.

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