GRAPPA di BAROLO Jose affinata in barriques

Grappa obtained from marcs of Nebbiolo from Barolo coming from crus of property in Barolo, Monforte d'Alba and La Morra.

The first year of production: 2000

The total amount of produced bottles: 1.000 bottles of 0,5 L.

Alcoholic gradation: 43% vol.

Production techniques: The marcs are distilled in a bain-marie with a monitored temperature in still made entirely of stainless steel.
The distillate stays in french oak barrels for at least one year.

Curiosity: Grappa of Nebbiolo Jose is the only one and precious because it is born from the union of the marcs of our most noble crus. It is the only one exactly for its origin: nebbiolo from Barolo Bricco Mondoca of Bussia and Vigna Rué. It's precious because the fermented marcs are rigorously selected and conserved in small receptacles before the final union. Therefore thanks to the distillation in a bain-marie we reach the maximum of scents and an extraordinary refinement.


On view: extremely limpid amber-coloured
Nose: its aromatic complex is extraordinarily ample and rich, from the dried fruits to the cooked fruits and fruits in syrup up to the plum and desiccated raisin. To this combination we add notes of honey, with spices that vary from the scents of cinnamon, tobacco and licorice with a vanilla-flavoured background.
Palate: pleasant and balanced alcoholic sensations, complete while tasting, with an excellent final elegance.

It's advisable to serve it as digestif at ambient temperature in small crystal glasses.

Gastronomic combinations: This brandy aged in wooden oak barrels can be tasted in all its wide range of sensations, on its own, for example as an excellent conclusion of a great supper or also matching it with ice-creams and fruit salads to give a touch of refinement and style.

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