Dolcetto d'Alba D.O.C. Regia Veja

The wine is obtained from grapes Dolcetto produced in the vineyards situated in La Morra and in Monforte d'Alba.

Altitude: 250 - 280 meters a.s.l.

Total surface: 0,5 ha

Type of the soil: clayey soil with veins of sandy bluish marls

System of growing: traditional Guyot

Density of system: about 5.500 grapevines per hectare

Yield per hectare: 70 quintals

Average age of the grapevines: from 18 to 50 years

Grape harvest: manual, realized in the middle-end of September.

The first year of production: 1963

Alcoholic gradation: 13% - 14% vol. in relation to the year.

Wine-making and ageing: The wine-making begins in rotary fermenters made of stainless steel with a fermentation of the wine for 4-5 days at 25-28°C temperature, proceeding with the malolactic fermentation and a short period of ageing in stainless steel. The wine is bottled in August of the year following the grape harvest

Curiosity: The union of grapes produced from younger grapevines with those older ones of about fortieth year, creates a pleasant complexity of flavours enriching the particular bouquet of the wine.


On view: deep ruby red with violet reflections easily visible in the rim of the glass.

Nose: clear sensation of violet, with scents of fresh fruits, cherry and forest strawberries, with pleasant winy sensations.

Palate: this Dolcetto is particularly pleasant for its easy drinking, with low acidity and a decent tannic component, it permits a particular appreciation even by the more delicate palates.
It's advisable to drink it at 18-20°C temperature.

Gastronomic combinations: Excellent in all the situations, this wine is appropriate for “all the meals”, in effect in the past it was the most consumed wine in the land of Langa. A good matching is with cold cuts and sliced meats in general, perfect with antipasti of Piedmont such as the “ raw minced meat”, and the “sausage of Bra” and all the varieties of first courses.

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