True gem of Italian and international oenology, Barolo is made from Nebbiolo grapes, with a minimum aging of three years, of which at least two are in wooden barrels, Germano Angelo uses oak wood. It is soft and velvety, brilliant and of a garnet red color with orange reflections. The intense perfume evolves from a hint of violet and dried rosehip to spices like cinnamon and clove, fading into an ethereal bouquet, very peculiar.
The taste procures harmonious sensations of fullness and austerity, pleasantly persistent.

1990 BAROLO D.O.C.G.

This Barolo is over twenty years old, all the bottles have been uncorked to check that there are no flaws (the previous cork is delivered together with the bottle) and topped up with that part of wine that over the years has been transpired through the cork . It makes a certain effect to drink a wine so precious because it brings with it, in addition to all its typicality: from dried fruit, to the dried rose, from clove to chocolate berry, a piece of history, a piece of life that, from the day when the bunch was harvested, more than twenty years ago, to date, it helps to give a truly unique and important flavor even from an emotional point of view. The color is a brick red still quite intense. The body is soft and fluid, the tannins have completely transformed into "ancient" aromas and flavors such as the scent of undergrowth, withered flowers and leather. Let's say that after the age of 40 it is unlikely that the wine does not begin to decline even if there are many cases of extraordinary longevity which undoubtedly depends on an ideal aging environment. The 90's Barolo is a particularly sought after vintage for its generosity of aromas and flavors. The combinations remain the classic ones, let's say that at this point more than the dishes to change can be the occasions of consumption: anniversaries, ceremonies etc...

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